Friday, January 23, 2009

well I got the chisels sharpened this morning, so I was able to make a start of the neck mortice & tenon joints.

Easiest one first, the dread shaped one, with flat shoulders was the work of a few moments to get lined up and glued into place.


then I did some rough shaping to the backs of the other two necks, and got the join on #42 NEARLY done before I had to leave work to collect my no 2 child from Ju Jitsu.

the curved shoulders and fretboard extension make life a LOT more complicated than the guitar style joint as there are a load of different things going on... ah well, no disasters......



The rough edge inside the joint will be hidden by a heel cap.



I'm looking forward to the possibility of maybe getting the first coat of finish on all three mandos by the end of next week.....


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