Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mixed fortunes today.

I took the bandages off the two bound headstocks and they look GREAT!!



Bad news?

more bandages I'm afraid!

I was using a saf-t-planer to thin one of the headstocks and I nearly took my thumb off. OK, slight exaggeration, but half the nail is gone and there's a big flappy bit on top. luckily I didn't bleed on any of the wood.........


Other things I limped through......

I got the fingerboard extensions on both the A necks......


and, after milling the truss rod slots....


I started glueing on the fretboards.

only enough clamps to do two at a time so I'll do the other one in the morning.......

Oh yes, and I drilled a tuner hole or 16.......



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