Wednesday, January 31, 2007

OK, the trussrod & fingerboard for Tricias guitar arrived today so I was able to get at it again.
Truss rod slot cut on a vertical mill. The idea of handholding a router TERRIFIES me!! I'm so glad I have access to tools like this at work!!I've cut out the neck pocket in the body. Still a LITTLE sanding to be done around the edges..... Trussrod in the slot and the fingerboard on top. Just a FEW clamps!!

And Robin's Les PAul is progressing too. He needs to decide on fret marker inlays. Personally I'd go for nothing on the fingerboard ansd 2mm dots on the edge, but this would be my next choice. Middle dots is also an option. nothing drilled yet, I'm waiting for orders.....
The neck is pretty much all carved. I'm waiting to hear back from the guy in Taiwan who's making the faceplate for the front of the head with Robin's name inlaid on it.......
Most of the carving on the body is done. NEARLY ready to cut for pickups.... but I think I'll wait til I have them in my hands to take measurements off!!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

well the jumbo that I've been building at the Sam Irwin evening class is done.


I'm REALLY chuffed with it. I've stuck a piezo under the saddle wired straight to the jack so that I can try a few preamps before I go daft and start drilling holes in it. I have fancied a fishman elipse blend, but they aren't cheap.......

No truss rod cover on this one for my celtic cross logo, so I put two on the label instead!!!

Other work, I have shaped the back of the neck on the Les Paul...... this shot really distorts the head!! that top edge will be trimmed after the faceplate goes on. still a fair bit to be done on the heel.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Loads of progress.

then Les Paul now has the neck shaped (well 3/4 shaped!!) and the mortice cut for it. still need to go in another 15mm or so, but it's on the way!!

The headstock shape is fine, but maybe a bit big?

I'll probably trim it when I stick on the faceplate.

the Granadillo guitar for Tricia has been well sanded, so when the fingerboard arrives I'll be able to get on with it.

the Zouk, now has a under saddle pickup and a preamp on the top bout, just the TRC to go.

And the evening class jumbo has the finish complete, a mylar pickguard stuck on and the bridge is glued on. Strings tomorrow!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The latest mandonaught is in the post to California of all places. A guy called Peter in Orangeville was the winner of the Ebay auction. Mandos are almost a hobby within a hobby for me. I'll be halfway through a guitar and decide to sidetrack and build a mando to pass the time while the glue on the guitar dries!!

Ah well, off goes another of the babies......

SO, as things stand at the minute the "Evening class" jumbo is getting varnished, six coats on now, I'll let them harden over the weekend and try to sand them in Monday if I get the chance.

The Les Paul is plodding along. Robin wants the faceplate with his sirname on it so I'm ordering it from BruceWei on Ebay. Great guy who I've used alot in the past for MOP & Mando bridges etc. Hes happy with the headstock shape so I'll get that cut out tomorrow if I get the chance and get carving at the neck. the faceplate can be stuck on later.

Tricia's mini-jumbo has the front & back sanded and the sides need done now. The neck is laminated and the wings to widen the headstock are on. I need to wait for the lovely folks at Stewmac to send the truss rod and fingerboard before I can get MUCH more done on that.

That leaves me with a load of walnut for backs & sides, and a set of leopardwood which I'll make some sort of guitar out of. Maybe a mini-jumbo to match Tricia's, maybe a dread cos I've only made one of them..........

If anyone out there in Blog land is reading this and thinking "I'd like a handmade guitar from Ireland for 1/8 the cost of a Lowden".......... then my email address is now added to the links over to the right.........> BTW I'm not dissing George Lowden. He is a world class master of this craft and a reallty nice guy too!! if you want to drop £4000 on a guitar I wouldn't send you anywhere else!!!! (unless you wanted 8 of mine!!)

Monday, January 15, 2007

the evening class Jumbo has had a couple of coats of varnish. I'm REALLY liking how it looks. All being well there'll be strings on it in a couple of weeks. I can't wait!!!

Tricia's guitar is coming along nicely too. the binding is on and the top & back are sanded. The sides need a bit of time to get them up to scratch
ok, the bouzouki is nearly done. the strings are on and it sounds great!!

All that's left to do is the truss rod cover, strap buttons & a pickup.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Here's the Les Paul Neck. mahogany, Sycamore mahogany laminate, trussrod slot cut and ebony fingerboard glued on top. then cut to shape and I've started carving the profile. Headstock still to be confirmed but I'm leaning towards squarish rather than my usual tapered shenanigans. just seems fitting.......

This is the cedar top for the granadillo back & sides six string for Tricia. The rosette turned out nicely, my first segmented one, the separating lines are maple, the dark wood Granadillo salvaged from the back's off-cuts. As I type, the glue is drying so just the binding to do on this box, and I'm probably going to go with curly maple as I have some handy.

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