Wednesday, January 31, 2007

OK, the trussrod & fingerboard for Tricias guitar arrived today so I was able to get at it again.
Truss rod slot cut on a vertical mill. The idea of handholding a router TERRIFIES me!! I'm so glad I have access to tools like this at work!!I've cut out the neck pocket in the body. Still a LITTLE sanding to be done around the edges..... Trussrod in the slot and the fingerboard on top. Just a FEW clamps!!

And Robin's Les PAul is progressing too. He needs to decide on fret marker inlays. Personally I'd go for nothing on the fingerboard ansd 2mm dots on the edge, but this would be my next choice. Middle dots is also an option. nothing drilled yet, I'm waiting for orders.....
The neck is pretty much all carved. I'm waiting to hear back from the guy in Taiwan who's making the faceplate for the front of the head with Robin's name inlaid on it.......
Most of the carving on the body is done. NEARLY ready to cut for pickups.... but I think I'll wait til I have them in my hands to take measurements off!!

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