Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Tricia's guitar all done!!!, So summing up what's what.......Back & sides: Granadillo, Top: Cedar, Neck: Mahogany with Sycamore centre strip (and rosewood/mahogany wings on the headstock), maple binding, Rosewood fingerboard & bridge, Bone nut & saddle.

What can I say about granadillo? looks a bit like mahogany but as hard as hard stuff. You could sand it from now til christmas and not make a scratch in it. It's like sanding the pavement!! It SMELLS nice & spicy though but leaves a little peppery heat up the nostrils.......the segmented rosette was a first too, the pale lines are maple, the dark segments are offcuts of the granadillo.

Other stuff was the braces glued onto the back of the latest Mandonaught and the first few coats of "look for what needs filled" primer on the Les Paul

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