Wednesday, February 07, 2007

2 main jobs done on the Les Paul today. I had hoped to get Robin's name linalid on a headplate, but my usual supplier in Tiawan is chockablock with work so can't help. I got another quote froman Ameri9can supplier, but he wanted a western wage so was a little too expensive for the build. So, I'm going with walnut which depending on Robin's wishes will be either left plain & varnished or painted black to match the body. His call. I laminated in a thin veneer of pale mahogany just to make it interesting.....

now to rout the binding slot round the edge. I can't do this with a plunge router as the top is curved, so I fitted the cutter to the pillar drill and wound it up to top speed.....

Then some impact adhesive and a few clamps to hold things together.....

Not QUITE there, but a little more work and the neck joint will be done
There was a tiny amount of break out with the router, but literally a desert spoon of filler will sort that.

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