Thursday, November 30, 2006

Ok, here we go with the doubleneck.

today I put on 2/3 of the strings!!

the tuners (gotohs) went on without any drama and I strung up the 12 string neck.

Intonation is fine and action needs to slip down a whisker, but as I have to pull it all apart to get the pick-up in there, this isn't an issue.

One concern we had from the start was
small soundhole means small volume, right? nope, its DEAFENING!!!! One of my collegues who is a semi pro musician came into my workshop as I was playing around with it and commented on how loud it was.

I'm leaving it to ensure that the top doesn't pull off, but I'm guardedly hopeful that it wont!!

Once it's settled I'll dismantle everything and glue the neck as ther is a little movement at the heel.

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