Monday, November 13, 2006

OK, fretting.......arch the frets a little. LMI supply the fretwire on a roll so it's prebent. I bend mine by putting the end in a hole in a block of wood and bending it!! press it home. Some like to hammer, I like using the drill press with a flat headed bolt in there. snip the edges as near flush with the side of the fingerboard as you can get.bung 'em in, snip 'em off later...hammering them in leaves a load of dents on the tops of the frets. they need filed anyway, but I get fewer problems this way.

OK, confession time.

The neck that you've been watching come to life is now in the bin.

I shaved the back of the neck a little and broke through into the truss rod cavity.

Oak isn't pleasant to carve, so it's back to mahogany.

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