Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Ok, so whats on offer at the minute.........

the doubleneck has been sanded down again to remove the stain that went disasterously wrong on the top. here's a pic after 4 coats of Danish Oil and it's looking pretty good.

To be honest the stain escapade has soured me agaonst this, which is a shame as it has the potential to be a great instrument. Hopefully I'll get the chance to get at it this week and get the frets polished and the strings on, but it'll need a few more coats of oil first.

I've started a Les Paul build for an 18th Birthday pressie. all black & chrome is the remit, so the choice of body wood isn't as vital as it would be itf we were going to see it. Walnut back & Mahogany top. After profiling the top I decided that it was too heavy so I've taken nearly a cm off the thickness and I'm halfway through reprofiling.

The neck is a 3 piece mahogany sandwich with just a thin stripe of Sycamore up the middle...

And for myself this time, a guitar shaped bouzouki. Walnut back & sides, one piece mahogany neck (though it will need extensions for the headstock) and WR Cedar top. Neck will be bolt on like cumpiano's revised design. I have a maple fingerboard in the post, but I may save that for something else as I think that Rosewood may fit better. I'll close up the box and see when it arrives.........

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