Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Right, nearly there!!!!!

I've cut the nut, the put the two farthest out strings on to line up where the tailpiece should go.

Hole drilled in the end block for the wire to come out to the jacksocket/strap button, then bung it all together.

the bridge is held in place by the strings, so strings all on & tuned up.

A few adjustments and the intonanation is set.

Truss rod cover shaped & fitted.

Right, tomorrow I PLAN to drill the hole for the cable through the top, then take off the strings & tailpiece to connect the wires.

the frets need a wee buff to smooth them as they're a bit "gritty" from being filed level.

then strings back on & that's here done!!! I'm pleased with it as it is though, the action is fine, as you can see from the pic alongside the neck

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