Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Ok then, here goes the binding on the top.

the channel is glued after putting a strip of masking tape all the way round to protect the wood from glue squidge out.

the binding (rosewood) and purfling (maple) are steamed to make them flexible, and then taped into the channel. LOADS of tape to hold it tightly as the glue dries overnight.

And then, like a James Bond Master Villian undergoing plastic surgery........., the bandages come off to reveal........

a decent enough job!!

the surplus is now sanded and scraped flush with the top, back and sides. (this is probably the most time consuming part of the whole build!!!

The frets go in next and then the neck will be glued into place, the tuner holes drilled, then the finishing process starts. My last guitar had 8 coats of Danish Oil, buffed down between coats.

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