Tuesday, September 05, 2006

OK folks, I've made a few instruments over the last year.

I started with an electric fretless bass. I'd always wanted one, couldn't justify actually BUYING one so I decided to put my woodwork teacher skills to the test and threw one together from bits & pieces laying around the school store, mainly salvaged desks etc!!

Then I decided that an acoustic les paul was worth a try. It turned out great, and while the neck is maybe a bit chunky, I play it in church atleast twice a month.

I'd long fancied a mandolin. I bought one off Ebay, but the neck was just too narrow for my big podgy fingers so I made one myself. I posted pics on the Jam session forum and my good chum (and moderator) Mishmannah decided that she liked the look of it so much that she wanted one too, only left handed. My first commission!!!

I made it, and sent it off to the Welsh/English borders and She loves it, so it was really nice to have someone else say they liked my work. The original one was recently sold on Ebay to free up some funds for my current project, so it's now in Cornwall. Then I tried another design altogether with a flat spruce top and hand cut binding. (don't try this at home!!)

Then I thought about a resonator. bought the bits, put them together, but it just didn't happen. The laminations in the neck gave way, most likely because of the REALLY crummy wood I'd used.

then after all this time I decided that I had to bend sides and make a mando properly. so I made a guitar shaped one (again) but made it using the "proper" techniques.

Now this little honey I'm REALLY proud of !!! the back & sides are walnut, the neck is Port Orford Cedar, Top is sitka spruce, binding & fingerboard are rosewood and the purfling is maple.

I'm teetering on the brink of finishing a walnut/bearclaw spruce Dreadnaught.......

It still needs a pickup and a few more coats of Danish oil before it's all done....

I've also just started a 6/12 doubleneck acoustic and another guitar shaped mando.

If you want to listen to how some of these sound, I have a soundclick site.......


feel free to listen!!

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sorry, try this link for sound samples.....

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