Friday, September 15, 2006

Not much time today, so all I managed to do was cut the binding step around the top.

this is a preview of what it'll look like with the rosewood binding and maple purfling.

The mando is not the only thing on the go at the minute though.

Chris Lyttle has asked me to build him a doubleneck acoustic like Ritchie Sambora's Taylor.

Well, here's progress so far.

the back is glued and nearly thicknessed, the sides are bent (though I haven't even looked at all the cutaways this beast'll need!) and the necks are parallel cut and waiting for the parcel from Stewmac with the trussrods in it.

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Sam Price said...

Martin, you are achieving GREAT things!! Keep the wonderful work up, it's truly an inspiration.

How's the Thursday Lutherie class going?

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