Thursday, September 21, 2006

Right, the mando.......

The binding is on, top & back, the frets are now on, but not levelled, and the holes for the tuners are drilled.

The neck is glued into place. There will now be a rew days spent sanding before I start in with the Danish iol to bring this little beauty up to standard. Expect the grain of the walnut to REALLY LEAP out once this is under way.

A bit of progress on the doubleneck too, with the sides & neckblocks all glued up.

Looking at it, I'm thinking about cutting solid linings for round those cutaways rather than kerfed ones to provide extra support.


Got a call today from GEORGE LOWDEN!!!!

He's invited me for a look round the factory and has seen this blog and says I'm making some "quite interesting" instruments!!!

I'm shocked, stunned, and I think I'll go for a wee lie down now!!!

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