Thursday, June 25, 2009

# 50 is done!!

my mate & former collegue Paddy who is a semi pro player with a stable of guitars to DIE for was in for a days supply teaching today.

I invited him down to have a look as he's never played a fanned fret guitar and was intreagued.


far more bass than he'd expect from a small body, and apart from a few fret buzzes that are only to be expected as I hadn't done any set up on it, & the stings had only been on it for half an hour, he got some great music out of it.

standing in front of it there was no difference from what you'd expect from a guitar with a soundhole, and Paddy said that playing it the tone was great from the sound ports.

I spent a bunch of time on the setup this afternoon, and I just WISH I could play the blasted thing!!!!

ah well, maybe by the middle of the summer......

of maybe after we get back from France in mid August.......

then, this evening I had another user report on it. Al who leads opposite me in church (and a Lowden & Takamine owner) dropped by earlier.

on opening the case "oh my word"

on seeing the twin soundholes "Oh my WORD"

on playing it for 10 minutes... "that's got really crystal clear tone and loads of bass. that's incredible"

yup, I'm REALLY looking forward to being able to play it myself!!!!







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Anonymous said...

This headstock looks terrible. Did one of your first years carve it?

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