Monday, November 16, 2009

modifying the piezo pickups for 4 courses of strings today.

I've discovered that you can get 4 + 2 piezo strips for guitars that heave a split saddle like a Lowden for 1/3 the price of a 4 course strip.

even though it's EXACTLY the same except it has the extra 2 course strip joined on.

scale of market drives the price I guess....

anyway, I can get these here in the UK were as the same brand of piezos for a mando can only be had from the US or the Far East with the associated postage costs.

so, after some deft work with a set of pliers, a soldering iron and a heat shrink gun, we have this......

a custom made 4 course piezo strip ready for the OM or mando.

I made two.


then I did a little work on the bridge of the OM, re cutting the string slots and setting the intonation.


If I get the chance to work at it, this will be finished by the end of next week.

so far it's sounding very nice, soft and gentle with the short scale, but if the new owner wants more punch, then a heavier gauge of strings will sort that with very little aggro.

also today the madagascar Rosewood arrived for the cutaway jumbo.

very pretty, but as I know the price, I'm nearly scared to even look at it let alone start to cut it!!


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Anonymous said...

I trust the wood is in good hands. Go ahead and feel free to cut away!

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