Wednesday, February 11, 2009


the postman came with a BIG parcel......

never saw the guy trying to get it up my drive, but it weighed a TON!!!


inside, a few sets of EI Rosewood for bouzoukis.....


some spruce tops for same.......


some ebony and EI Rosewood fretboard blanks for fanned fret instruments down the line......


as well as some mahogany back & side sets and a heap of spruce bracing stock, some of which looks clear enough of knots to maybe be useful for a carved mando top..... time will tell!! (no pics of those as the camera ran out of batteries.......)

and NO, I WON'T be telling my lovely (and generally very understanding) wife how much this little lot cost!!

hopefully I'll get the backs & tops joined and the mould for the bouzoukis sorted next week when I'm back at work.

here we go again!!

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