Friday, February 13, 2009

I'm heartbroken.

not for me, but for Lee who commissioned Mando #42

he's just heard from his doctor that due to problems with his elbows he MUST stop playing strummed instruments, so he has to clear out his guitars, and he's asked to withdraw from the deal on buying this mando.

I don't care on a financial level as I'll easily be able to shift it as it's a good looking instrument, but I really feel for him as he worked through this build with me, checking details, making suggestions, and going loopy with praise every time I posted pics on the blog.

He LOVED this thing, even though he hasn't laid a finger on it.

My prayers are with you Lee, I hope you get a good price for your gear, And I pray that the next time you visit the Doc he'll be amazed at your recovery and tell you you can buy all your gear back!!

God Bless you mate, I'd be gutted if I was told to clear out for medical reasons.....

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