Tuesday, February 24, 2009

slight hold up on the second zouk. As I tested the glue join on the back, I just wasn't happy with it, so I split it and re-glued it.

the linings are now complete on the sides ready for the back to go on.

GOOD news is that FINALLY the new table saw in school is fitted, complete and commissioned, so today I got some work done on cutting up the mahogany from the church pew and made a start on the pew guitar, and also cut a load of sitka spruce top brace wood for the zouks. this means that I can start on the bracing for them this week, as well as brace the second back and get it fitted.

as to the pew guitar?

top, back & sides......


cut and thicknessed with the neck blank.......


top & back jointed (they'll need wings)


and sides bent.


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