Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Remember those good news-bad news games you played as a kid?

OK, good news back braced & glued in.

Bad news won't have time before Easter hols to get the box closed

good news glued in rosette (with purfling)

bad news, chipped a lump of it out planing it flat. (look closely at 10 o'clock..... )o; )


Options at this point.

forget about it and fill the hole with lots & lots of varnish and then sand flat.

No good, it would look awful.

route it out and start again.

extreme, but may end up being the only solution

I COULD route out the damaged section and then inlay another piece of wood, maybe contrasting, then a couple of other pieces to make it look like it was intended.......

Worst case scenario? rout it all out again & start again, so I think I'll give this a go. I'll do another one with a plain circle rosette and let Steven decide which one he'd like best when they're done.

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