Friday, March 14, 2008

New commission from Steven in England.


Ok Steven wants a guitar that is VERY similar to something I'd build for myself, so I'm hoping that this will be something REALLY special.

the spec is a 12 fretter, walnut/spruce body the same as the 12 string I'm just finishing, EI Rosewood fretboard & binding.

Timescale? Well, the Easter holidays are all but upon us but I'll try to get something done before Thursday when I get locked out of my workshop for two weeks (ah, the perils of building guitars in your lunch break eh? But still, it's warm, dry and I have free run of the machines!!)

So far I've resawn & planed the wood for the back & sides.

I'll joint both backs and see which one feels stiffest, then match up the sides to go with it.

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