Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I have been sadly remiss in updating this blog lately!!

OK background. My back is giving me a lot of trouble at the minute, so rather than staying after work for an hour or more I've been limpoing off home to get ice packs and relaxation......

but still, here's some progress.....

the archtop...

I TRIED a sunburst.

It was awful!!, so its now nicely understated in black.



lots of setup still to do, but its really comfy to play and it sounds really pretty nice, especially plugged it.

I've also started a bass. pretty straight forward, 4 string, single humbucker, coil split, concentric tone & volume & individual bridges..... body ash with a mango cap, neck maple with a synthetic fretboard.


Martin Edwards Luthier

Martin Edwards Luthier

and of course with seperate bridges, you need an earth wire to each one, so here are the 4 holes for the earths.....

Martin Edwards Luthier


david_hatton said...

love the blog. im a regular reader. beautifully written. nice guitar too!

think you might find be interested in some of my blogs and posts, feel free to check them out:

keep up the good work,

David x

muriahgorde said...

That guitar is fantastic. You are a real Jack-of-all-trades! :)

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