Wednesday, May 05, 2010

three words you don't often see together.......




yup, I may (may!!!!) be mad, but I'm gonna go for it.

I have an acoustic mahogany back. an engleman top.

ebony for a fret board and mahogany for a neck.

so, the plan...... as close as I ever actually GET to a plan.........

thin acoustic style back.
thicker solid mahogany sides
thin acoustic engleman top
pinned acoustic bridge maybe 4 pins, maybe 8
bolt on neck
4 pairs of strings
8 tuners, PROBABLY all on the top side, but there is the possibility of other stuff........

oh yeah, no soundhole on the front, a series of holes on the top edge.

a piezo under the saddle and a endpin jack preamp with a battery hatch beside the endpin, no volume or tone controls, that's the sound guy's job.

plain wood finish?

maybe, maybe some colour going on, I'm so far not decided......

the outcome, will hopefully LOOK like an explorer from a distance, but the closer you look, the more of a "huh?" factor comes in.

as I'm using bits & pieces from the parts bin, I reckon it'll come in under the £100........

so, start with a pic from the net of a real explorer, and project it onto the wall, adjusting it to get the scxale length right (620mm). then trace it.


now we have a template!


which lies on the back.....


and the top


the top will need an extra wing to reach all the way up, and the back will have the joint slightly north of centre.......

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