Tuesday, April 07, 2009

and the Pew guitar is done.

unplugged it's not the loudest guitar in the world, but then it's a small body with a mahogany top. Plugged in, with a cheap artec endpin preamp & under saddle piezo its BEAUTIFUL!!! I LOVE the sound of this. I really hope Colin will be as delighted with this as I am!





on a less delighted note, the bridge that I had made for the second guitar zouk split along a flaw in the wood so until I get some more ebony it's on hold.

but, it's Easter, so I'm out of school and the workshop for two weeks. when I get back, it's finish the first zouk, get the second resurrected with a new bridge, then tear on with zouk 47, and start the other two commissions I have in the pipeline, a slope shouldered dread, and a trad shaped mandola.

Happy Easter dear reader, and please remember that Easter isn't actually about chocolate.

Its about Christ's resurrection.

the chocolate is just an add on.

a WELCOME add on, but an add on none the less!!

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