Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Have I mentioned how much free time I have now that my senior students have gone off timetable for their exams?

well, today I had an extra hour as one of the classes I have left went on a field trip so I missed 'em!!

so, two main jobs today.

the neck was assembled. I planed the face of the headstock flat then saf-t-planed the back to get it parallel with the front
then I glued the fretboard onto the top, not forgetting to put in the truss rod first!!

then after that dried I started shaping things. there is still a LONG way to go, but suddenly it starts to look like a guitar neck!!

the other job was binding the body. I did the top, but ran out of tape so I stopped at B&Q on the way home and got a few more rolls. Tomorrow I'll do the back and work on some more on the neck

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