Monday, April 02, 2007

so, it's the Easter break so I'm out of the workshop for two weeks.

before I left here's where I'd got to on everything.......

The acoustic bass has the top glued on. Obviously the bracing is all carved and the linings were planed down nicely first. the soundhole looks a bit small, I'm going to have to invest in a bigger circle cutter for the rosettes....... you may notice a stripe on the bass tailblock. That's because it's the offcut from the 00 neck........ waste not want not, and save the planet whil;e we're at it, right?

the leopardwood 00 has the neck 3/4 done and the binding step routed. as a change I decided to do a wider purfling strip so I cut a maple binding strip up the middle and glued it in place. when I get back after Easter I'll re rout the binding step to give a straight edge and bind with rosewood.

the mando body is pretty much done. I have to order fingerboards and truss rods for mandos so it'll be on hold til that arrives.

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