Friday, October 06, 2006

REVIEW of the first instrument I sold. Sam Price is a chum off the many forums I spend too much time on, and she suggested that I get user reviewsfor my instruments, so she is having 1st go!!!

Thanks Sam!

This mandolin is my first ever request for a custom instrument. Being a left handed guitarist, and playing a rightie mando prompted me to try out a is also Martin's fourth instrument.Aesthetically, this instrument is appealing; the top is made from solid Pine, the back and sides from solid mahogany, that has been "air dried" as a science school table for forty years!!!! The fretboard is rosewood, with MOP dots that compliments the MOP celtic cross symbol on the truss rod cover, a unique feature of Martin's instruments. The bridge is Ebony, saddle and nut bone.The pine top has a depth of sheen to it that is truly glows like pure honey.The marvel is that the fretboard is slightly wider than your average mandolin. The scale length remains standard, and the benefit you get is a mandolin that is easier to play.I have been playing this little mandolin for over five months now, and will never grow tired of it.As you can see from the photograph, it is an extremely tough and durable instrument, and I have taken it literally everywhere, proving it fantastic for travel.The is a sweet, shimmery tone with strong trebles. The wonder of this instrument is that it needs "warming" up before the full tonal potential is released. Once you get going, the whole instrument seems to vibrate with sound and the volume increases. Although this is still a relatively new instrument, I am curious as to what she will sound like when the wood has fully opened. I have already experimented with a few tunings, and it seems to cope with what I inflict on it admirably!!Well, what else can I say? I love originality. I love new design. People are very curious about this mandolin, just because it is unlike anything they have seen. As they say..if it got stolen, I would not hesitate in commissioning Martin again!!!Ah well, I'd better get back to playing before the sun sets!!


Rich said...

Hi this is Rich from the North east of England (mentioned earlier in Martin's blog) I got my mandonaught on Thursday morning (5th Oct) and I am absolutely over the moon with it. It is a such a pretty thing and it plays and sounds fantastic. I will be playing it at the City Hall in Newcastle on the 19th Nov in front of 2000+ people and I will send a photo to Martin and perhaps he would like to post it here. Mine is No. 9 by the way.

Martinedwards said...

Ahhhh....... the word WHOOOHOOOO springs to mind!!!!


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