Thursday, October 05, 2006

Flippin' doubleneck acoustics!!!!

Well, I've finally got both necks tenon joints cut. The six string neck is roughly shaped, and the fingerboard is glued on, the 12 is still square and I've left it overnight to glue the fingerboard on.

I've also glued the top onto the body so the next job will be to trim round the top & back & get the binding under way.

I've done bolt on necks for a good reason.

I've never made a doubleneck before, so I don't have a clue if all that string tension will rip the top off the guitar.

Bolt ons mean that if the worst happens, it'll be easier to take them off and then remove all the splinters and put a new top on!!! The bolts are the same as used in self assembly furniture, so they should certainly take the strain. (A lot of luthiers use them for this job, it's not just me taking a short cut!!

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