Wednesday, January 11, 2012

started on a tenor guitar.

blame Seth Lakeman I suppose......

and as it's #80 (ie a "10" instruemnt) it has the potential to go off piste a little......

so, fanned frets, check

soundholes along the top edge rather than the front, check

two cutaways like a SG, check

mahogany back & sides, spruce top ebony fretboard & bridge, bone nut saddle & pins.

lets get stuck in!!

sides bent


back joined to sides


neck glued up, mahogany with a thin pencil line veneer of maple up the centre fretboard marked out with scale 560mm on the bass side and 530mm on the treble and the 8th fret being perpendicular


top rim beefed up to take the sound holes


and top bracing started


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