Saturday, October 17, 2009

mando neck fretted


I have it glued into the body too, but my camera battery died......

ah well, HOPEFULLY I'll get the heel block on & be all sanded ready for finish this week.

I also have some wood winging it's way to me from heaven only knows where for a guitar build. a whole new take on the deposit concept. rather than send me a few £, buy the wood yourself and send THAT as a deposit...... ah well, whatever floats your boat!!

Once it arrives I'll be able to build that guitar and the 00 zouk in parallel, target for completions? the OM & mando by 1st Dec, and the zouk for Christmas. who knows, the guitar MIGHT be done by then too.......

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nathan said...

Well, the Sitka is flying from Alaska and the Rosewood from Wisconsin. Can't wait to see how/what they look like in your shop!

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