Sunday, November 02, 2008

Oh, it's been a while!!

OK sorry, I've been neglecting you faithful reader (all 29 a week of you!!) but I've been too busy actually making the archtop to spend a lot of time here writing about it......

Now this is a "warts and all" blog, so the 1st pic shows my biggest mistake in the making of this guitar.

rather than that big step all the way round, there should have been a smooth transition from the edge to the arch..... Still, this comes from building a guitar using only the Benedetto book, which although it is a great HELP, it isn't ALL you need.

this was my first attempt at binding a neck, and I'm delighted to say it went really well. it looks and feels GREAT!!

cutting the top binding shelf wasn't without it's problems, and there was some tearout, mainly because the top was too thick (more on that later). I filled the tear out, but it was still WAY too visible, so I decided to go for a cherry top. it's still possible to see the grain through it (which I like) as its stained lacquer rather than paint...... Tuners are art deco ones from those lovely folks at guitar fetish

So, assembled and with the strings on......

it is REALLY comfy to play. the curved front means no sharp edge digging into the forearm when strumming. the neck is the best I've made and I'm REALLY happy with it. It LOOKS great too, doesn't it?

the Ovangkol back & sides really glow, and I'll definitely use that wood again...

down sides? well, unplugged its weak. there just isn't any projection as the top is way too thick. plugged in with the under saddle piezo, its lovely, and the graphic on the preamp gives a wide range of tones from bright and zings to dark & bassy jazz.

still to come?

well, I have a set of humbuckers from an epiphone Les Paul that I could well stick into it, "just to see"......

later on I could upgrade em if I feel I need to.

overall, I'm very happy with this and have ahrdly put it down since I put the strings on. the action still needs tidied, but I can do that while I'm fitting the pickups. will I make another?


only next time I'll go for a thinner top (now that I know nore what I'm doing!!

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