Thursday, August 30, 2007

Aw BOOO!! the pupils will be back in tomorrow, and while it's great to look forward to all the excellent learning opportunities, there won't be as much time to build instruments!!!

So, on with the mandola.......

I got a sheet of 18mm MDF, chopped it up and glued it (with a bunch of clamps) to make the mould.

Once the glue was dry I cut it into the two halves for the mould. these don't need to be SUPER smooth on the inside, a reasonably smooth surface is fine......

Then I soaked the sides in warm water for 15 minutes before bending.

I LOVE walnut!! It bends like butter.. my ony concern is bending the curly maple bindings to match as some of those curves are TIGHT!!

I'll leave the clamps on till it dries out, 24 hours at least.

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