Saturday, December 12, 2009

life is very busy in school at the minute.

open night is coming up and we've decided to go all mechanisms in the Technology & design dept.

firast a clatterpillar and "Bath time at granny's"

the clatterpillar needs painted, and the faces on the bathtime "victims" need re-done as the sad mouths look more like moustaches.

118 118 anyone?

dunno why but the embedding isn't working for these....... works fine with preview.... ah well, follow the links to see......¤t=Picture069.flv

and then a little digger.

it has since been dismantled and primed, ready for yellow & black gloss on Monday.¤t=Picture070.flv

as far as guitarry stuff is concerned, the cutaway mando is in the post, I have to arrange a meet up with the OM's new owner for a handover, and the abalone for the rosette on the jumbo is mislaid in the post mid atlantic.

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